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Video: Ayushmann Khurrana dismantles the stereotypes associated with the idea of being a ‘GentleMan’ and it is beautiful beyond words.

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Through his films, Ayushmann Khurrana has attempted to challenge the way men are perceived. He has departed from popular perception by foregrounding their frailties. He did the same in his most recent outing, Amar Kaushik’s Bala, where he essayed the role of a young man struggling with premature balding. Continuing the same, he performed a poem where he dismantled stereotypes associated with the idea of a gentleman. The performance, part of The Man Company (TMC), stands out for its acknowledgment that men and women are different and the difference, as the actor says, is beautiful.

The video titled, “What makes a true gentleman” shows Ayushmann talking about how the perfect man keeps the gentleman in him alive. The actor gave references from his own life, saying that he does not want to be a macho man who never sheds a tear, saying “Mujhe na hero, na saviour, na superman banna tha. Jo ro sake, jo ga sake. Kisi ko bacha paye to bacha sake, aisa man banna tha.”

The actor talked about how the best quality of a man is being true to himself. He also talked in favour of homosexuality, saying it should not matter if a man is straight or not, or belongs from any caste or religion, a true man will never discriminate. The speech also has lines like “a man can like anything between pink and Pink Floyd” and “whether you sleep on a carpet or walk the red carpet, you’re the most powerful as long as there lives a gentleman in you.”

The father of two kids also taught his son that though there are beautiful differences between boys and girls but differentiating between them is the biggest sin. The video gained lakhs of likes within hours of getting released and went viral in no time.

On the work front, Ayushmann was recently seen in Amar Kaushik’s Bala which became his biggest opener till date.

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