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After Sacred Games, Netflix explores real crime cases of Delhi with a new series titled ‘Delhi Crime’ Watch the Official Trailer.


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Netflix is back with yet another powerful tale of crime in the metropolis of India. After its hit series Sacred Games, a crime drama based in the underbelly of Mumbai, it enters the streets of the capital city. The trailer of Delhi Crime explores the case files of Delhi Police and seems to be a powerful dramatization of the Nirbhaya rape case, the shocking incident that left the entire nation scarred and mourning.

The trailer opens with a police van stopping by the edge of the road, they pick up the heavily injured and bleeding girl. She murmurs through her broken spirit “mere papa ko Kuch mat batana“. The designated DCP, played by Shefali Shah, calls this crime “insanity” and there begins her search for the criminals. A frightened yet fierce woman takes charge of bestowing justice upon the victim and her family.

Watch the trailer here:

Under the apprenticeship of DCP, is Rasika Duggal. She is visibly tensed but agrees to take lead when asked. Adding more value to the police force is Adil Hussain, with his subtle yet righteous demeanor. Against all odds and many obstacles, they make sure that the justice prevails.

Delhi Crime releases on March 22, 2019, on Netflix.

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