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Wondering if Sacred Games Season 2 is worth watching or not? Here’s our Spoiler-Free review for you.

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STORY: – Sacred Games 2 is a race against time, where Sartaj Singh will try to uncover the rest of the plot, as revealed by Gaitonde and save the city.


What’s Good? : – Sacred Games is bigger, better & hauntingly amazing in terms of writing. Everything is just filled with crisp layers of greed, sacrifice. Sacred Games 2 takes a lot of time to set up the things but thankfully writers knew when to take breathe, when the interactions of characters come on screen with more depth makes us curious to know about their fate. The lessons of guru Ji will influence you a lot and you will feel trapped inside his thoughts & his ideology of Sat Yug & Kal Yug.


Season 2 brings some great new characters who have done a brilliant job in this rush of big names. This time story shifts beautifully from past to present & present to past. Everything is beautifully connected with each other. Season 1 was more about gangster life of Gaitonde & 2nd was all about the fate of Gaitonde & Bombay.


The screenplay is tight & very intriguing. Vidushak writing is more creative & he makes the narration part totally worth it. Last 3 episodes will put you at the edge of your seat. The last 15 minutes will increase the blood flow in your body. The direction is impactful. Neeraj Ghaywan & Anurag Kashyap brings magic on the screen by making me nervous throughout the season. The BGM will leave you in chills. The dialogues are heavier this time. The guru Ji dialogues are thought-provoking.


What’s Bad? : – The main issue is pace, everything looks very slow from starting. Some scenes were very much puzzled and you might feel like the first two episodes are in cuts and pieces.



1. Whole star cast performances

2. Last 15 minutes of climax

3. Guru Ji’s dialogues

4. The atmosphere

5. Screenplay & direction

6. Nawazuddin subtle performance


VERDICT: – Sacred Games 2 is daringly bold & craftily shaped with an intense storyline.


Our rating – ⭐⭐⭐💫3.5/5 Stars


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