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Here’s our Review of “Game Over” Starring – Taapsee Pannu, Sanchana Natarajan & Vinodhini in the main lead.

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Starcast – Taapsee Pannu, Sanchana Natarajan & Vinodhini 


 Directed by – Ashwin Saravanan

 Runtime – 1 Hour 43 Minutes

Game Over starts with a brutal murder of a girl Amutha (Sanchana). And that introduces us to the existence of a serial killer.

On the other hand, we have Swapna (Taapsee) with a dark past, she is a video game designer & her passion for video games is what keeps her going amidst the psychological issue she is going through. 

Along the journey, she tries to overcome her issues and that leads us to the connections we would not expect. There is a superb paranormal angle that adds spice too! The narration is multi-layered and the screenplay treats the whole narration in relation to a video game.

Taapsee shines as a girl with her own share of issues, and she emotes with clarity and depth. Since the Movie was mainly released in Bilingual format (Tamil and Hindi) Thanks to her lip sync, we don’t feel so much out and out with nativity issues and we are able to follow along with the screenplay. Her acting is brilliant and casual at the same time – be it the scenes where she retreats, or the scenes where she gathers courage and decides to hit back.

– The movie has quite a few jump-scare moments. You have twists and the quirky camera work to add to the thrill factor.

– Ron Ethan Yohan has done a splendid job of uplifting the thrill factor with his fantastic Background Music.

– Cinematography by Vasanth is a big plus to the movie. He neatly delivers each and every shot along with all the details intact.

– Game Over is tightly packed. Director Ashwin Saravanan and writer Kavya have smartly put together the concepts in paper and onto the screen.

– We are not forcefully made to watch any unwanted scene that doesn’t add up to the story. The movie’s run time is crisp, however, the director could have spent a little bit more time in spoon feeding us certain elements.

 Final Verdict – Game Over doesn’t fail to entertain you and it keeps you curious and thrilled throughout. The movie should definitely to be watched in Theatres

 Our Ratings – (3.5/ 5)🌟🌟💫

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