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Here’s our Review for The Accidental Prime Minister


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*Starring* – Anupam Kher, Akshaye Khanna

*Directed by -* Vijay Gutte

*Runtime* – 1 Hour 50 minutes

*The Story in short (Without Spoilers)*
– Based on the 2014 book by the same name, written by Sanjay Baru, The Accidental Prime Minister throws light on the 10-year tenure of former Indian Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh (Anupam Kher). And gives us an insight into what might have actually happened behind closed doors during that period. The narrative takes place through the eyes of Sanjay Baru (Akshaye Khanna), Dr. Singh’s media advisor, whom he had handpicked for the job.


Anupam Kher – Anupam Kher gets into his character and delivers a highly memorable performance.

Akshaye Khanna – Akshaye Khanna is excellent in the role of Sanjaya Baru. In certain scenes, he does better than Anupam Kher.

*What’s Good*

– Anupam Kher – Anupam Kher gets into the skin of the character and after a point, you won’t see the actor but only the character. He Nailed It.

– Akshaye Khanna – He simply steals the show.

– The film has some funny moments,(especially when Rahul Gandhi comes on Screen) from the audiences.

*What’s Disappointing*
– Half Cooked Script and Execution leads to boredom post interval
– Narration is Poor
– Certain Dialogues, Political names & terms have been muted /censored.
– Weak background score

*Is it Worth Watching?*
It is like an entertaining documentary but for most of you who are not that politically aware, more than half of the film would go bouncer. Its better that you skip this movie.

Our Ratings – 2/5(⭐⭐)

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