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Here’s our Review for Romeo Akbar Walter (RAW) Starring John Abraham.

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Starring – John Abraham, Mouni Roy, Jackie Shroff, Sikandar Kher.

Directed by – Robbie Grewal.

Runtime – 2 Hours 30 minutes

The story in short – Set in 1971, RAW – Romeo Akbar Walter revolves around a banker Rehmat Ali aka Romeo, who is chosen to be an Indian spy in Pakistan. Under the guidance of RAW chief (Jackie Shroff), he takes on the identity of Akbar Malik and moves to Pakistan. The film essentially focusses on how Akbar helped India during the period that led to the war in 1971 and how Akbar transforms to Walter.

Performance –

(John Abraham) – John Abraham has performed well. Playing a spy, his eyes do the talking for the most part. Unlike most of his previous films, his physique is quite normal.

(Jackie Shroff) – Jackie Shroff is at the top of his game. Not only he looks suave as RAW chief but has also delivered a solid performance.

(Mouni Roy) – Mouni Roy is good with what was given to her, although expected some more screen presence.

(Sikander Kher) – Sikandar Kher is superb. It’s actually when his character makes an entry, the movie picks up the pace

What’s Good –

– Impressive Background Score
– John and Sikander’s intense action sequence in the 2nd half.

What’s Disappointing -?

– Pathetic Screenplay
– Weak Direction
– Poor Editing
– Completely Predictable Storyline
– Boring 1st Half (you’ll literally sleep)

Final Verdict – RAW would have been a great film if not for its extremely slow pace in the first half and a run time which is almost two and a half hour. To be very Frank you may skip this film and watch it whenever it comes on any OTT platform.

Our Ratings – ⭐⭐ (2/ 5)

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