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Here’s Our Full Review for Laal Kaptaan starring Saif Ali Khan & Manav Vij in the main lead.

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Starcast – Saif Ali Khan, Manav Vij, Deepak Dobriyal & Zoya Hussain

Directed By – Navdeep Singh

Runtime – 2 Hours 35 Minutes

A revenge saga based in the 1700s, Laal Kaptaan is about a Naga Sadhu (Saif Ali Khan), doubles up as a bounty hunter and is in search of one Rehmat Khan (Manav Vij) to take his 20-year-old revenge.

To be very Frank you’ll literally Sleep in the 1st half as Laal Kaptaan is an extremely slow-burning vengeance – Drama, you’ll have to keep a lot of patience to watch this movie till the end. The Movie picks up well post Interval, but again there are unnecessary scenes/sub-plots which will make you yawn a multiple times.

The Climax Sequence is good as, predictable but not so predictable suspense is revealed.

Saif Ali Khan Looks and feels like an Aghori, a Naga Sadhu and carries the whole costume with elan. Saif Ali Khan is the heart and soul of Laal Kaptaan.

Deepak Dobriyal is playing an interesting character of a human tracker. He too embodies the rugged look as well as the characteristics. His character has a humourous touch that works well with the narrative.

Manav Vij is fine in his role. Considering he is the main antagonist, his character is half-baked. Zoya Hussain is good & has performed well.

The cinematography of the film is brilliant and the background score is simply epic. The action is good but I do wish there was more of it.

Laal Kaptaan’s main theme is revenge and rarely does it stray away from it. The narrative is intense and Saif Ali Khan has done a good job convincing us why a Naga Sadhu could be thirsty for someone’s blood. Manav Vij is a worthy antagonist. The visuals are stunning and the smaller storylines converge in a substantial climax you’ll definitely enjoy.

Overall Laal Kaptaan could’ve been a great revenge saga if not for the slow pace, sluggish narrative and lack of depth in its characters. The movie works somehow only because of Saif Ali Khan’s towering presence, solid performances, interesting characters, beautiful cinematography, and solid background score, but not worth watching in Theatres.

Our Ratings: 2.5/5 (Average – Watch it on OTT Platform (Amazon Prime Videos) whenever it’s out)

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