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Here’s Our Detailed movie Review of ‘Section 375’ Starring Akshaye Khanna & Richa Chadda.

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Cast: Richa Chadda, Akshaye Khanna, Rahul Bhat & Meera Chopra

Director: Ajay Bahl

Run-time: 2 Hours 2 Minutes

Story: “Section 375” brings back the subject of rape on the Bollywood screen, quite unlike it has ever been done before, and with rare profundity. The film tries understanding law and justice as detached entities through the tale of a rape, and how these two notions are rarely ever fated to meet.

Section 375 is a hard-hitting courtroom drama and comes at the right time when the awareness of such cases and crimes is quite high. The on-going #MeToo movement further makes it even more relevant. The story is great and the Viewers are in for a surprise as what seems like an open-and-shut case turns out to be a lot murkier.

Unlike other courtroom movies in Bollywood, the movie is not too filmy or dramatic as such. The realism is maintained and yet the impact is made. On the flipside, some of the developments in the second half are not very convincing. One expects more shocking stuff to come out in the second half but that doesn’t happen as such. The finale, however, is smartly done.

Akshaye Khanna is simply terrific and owns the film in a way. Richa Chadha too puts her best foot forward and is appropriate for the part. Rahul Bhat slips into his character easily and he surely deserves to be seen more. Meera Chopra talks a lot through her silences and surprises in the second half.

The objective of the film was never to establish who is guilty and who is not, you realise as the story draws to its end. In life there are never clear victims and villains, “Section 375” reminds.

All in all, Section 375 is a film that doesn’t carry a lot of buzz or even awareness but deserves to be watched. Here’s hoping this film manages to find acceptance among audiences!

Our Ratings: 3.5/5 🌟🌟🌟🌠

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