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Best Friends on the show both Sidhart Shukla and Asim Riaz at loggerheads over trivial issue

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Bigg Boss 13 – With close to month from its grand finale and we see a close friends Sidhart Shukla and Asim Riaz having an ugly spat

In Nov 19th 2019 episode of the Bigg Boss 13

The two actors had a tiff over a small issue involving Rashmi. This one fight even have left the viewers confused. In and interesting task Bigg Boss Hindustani Bhau as the landlord and Rashmi Desai as his wife. They have a spoiled to the core daughter Shanaaz and has liking for both Paras and Sidarth Shukla. Both Hindustani Bhau and Rashmi Desai are confused who to marry their daughter off. They invite a competition amongst the 2 and are made to compete with series of tasks alongwith their families. Both the families were assigned Mandaps to prepare and interestingly can destroy other’s Mandaps. Shehnaz and Bahu connive to over rule Rashmi’s decision. During the task when both the teams were in the middle of the task, events took ugly turn when Asim went to pick up the fruits for Sehnaaz from Kitchen with Sidharth started arguing that he was asked by Shehnaaz to pick the fruits up for her. What started as a small frivolous fight soon took an ugly turn and all the housemates of Bigg Boss13 got involved. Everyone tried to stop the fight but the turn took to worse.

Asim had earlier voiced his displeasure at Sidarh Shukla’s growing closeness to Devoleena and Shehnaaz Gill. Asim felt that they are not be trusted and was surprised how Siddarth who also didn’t trust them has started talking nicely to them.

Karavir Bohra in his tweet on the Men’s day said:

He went on further on this by saying:

Sambhavna Seth who also is an ex Bigg Boss contestant and is highly active in expessing her views on the BiGG Boss #13 shared her disappointment and dismay.

Check out what she said:

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