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Ajay Devgn reacts on daughter Nysa Devgn being trolled on social media: “She is just 14-years-old, people forget that and talk rubbish.”


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Star kids who are not a part of an industry and are still minors often get papped whenever they step out and also are subjected to trolling. Social media is often harsh on these kids and people forget the fact that they are commenting on kids who might get scarred for life with the nasty comments coming their way for no fault of theirs.

Ajay Devgn’s and Kajol’s daughter Nysa Devgn has been trolled several times on social media, the most recent being when she was brutally trolled for wearing a long blue hoodie that his her shorts underneath. In a candid talk with a leading daily, Ajay opened up about the paparazzi culture and the trolling. He said, “She is just a 14-year-old and I feel, at times, people forget that and talk rubbish. She was wearing such a long shirt and she was also wearing shorts. Now because of the length of the shirt, her shorts weren’t visible and the kid got trolled for that.”

He further added, “I don’t know what kind of people these are and because of them we are paying the price. I request the paparazzi to at least leave the children alone. Why are they paying the price for their famous parents? I don’t think any child is okay with paparazzi. They want their space. They want to not dress up every time they step out, so it’s very sad when such things happen.”

However, Ajay also revealed that now his daughter doesn’t get perturbed with the trolling and doesn’t care anymore about the nasty comments.


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