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People question on Sonam Kapoor’s ‘Fake Hindu’ tweet, ‘Why silent on Ranjit Bachchan’s murder and Sharjeel Imam?’

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Film actress Sonam Kapoor has spoken on social media on the bullets fired and fired during the Shaheenbagh protest in Delhi. On this occasion, she has also answered the questions of the fans. Also used the word ‘Hindu’.

Sonam Kapoor wrote in the tweet, ‘I had never dreamed that this would happen in India too. This kind of partition politics should stop. It promotes hatred. If you call yourself a Hindu then you have karma And one should understand about religion and it is not part of it.

After this, they started having reactions on social media.

Another user told Sonam Kapoor that what he has written is very bad. Also, he also shared a tweet about the shooting of the All India Hindu Mahasabha state president Ranjit Bachchan in Hazratganj, Lucknow and condemned it. Where is it?

In this, Vivek Oberoi is seen saying, ‘You overact a little in your films and overreact a little on social media.’ The Twitter handle named Gabbar has reprimanded Sonam Kapoor for not using it when her mind is empty. All this is a planned drama, if politics does not come then it should not be done.

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