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Hollywood actress Pamela Anderson’s 12-day-old marriage ends, for the fifth time!

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Hollywood actress Pamela Anderson has confirmed that she and John Peters have decided to separate. The news comes 12 days after a recently concluded wedding. A few days ago it was reported that Pamela Anderson has remarried. The Baywatch star is married to John Peters in a secret ceremony in Malibu.

Now Pamela has confirmed that she and her newly married husband have decided that the two should separate. In a statement to the Hollywood Reporter, Anderson said that the couple had decided to part ways for a while to reevaluate what they had expected from life and from each other. Pamela thanked all those who were happy with their marriage. However, after the decision to separate, she now wants some privacy.

Pamela Anderson said, ‘I am grateful to John and my marriage. Life is a journey and love is a process. Keeping that in mind, we have decided to stop the formality of our marriage certificate. Thank you for respecting our privacy. ‘ A source close to Pamela has revealed that the couple have not applied for a legal marriage certificate after their wedding ceremony, which took place on 20 January.

Anderson and Peter have four marriages respectively. Anderson and Peter dated 30 years ago. The two met again a few months ago but kept their relationship hidden. Pamela and John also called their children in marriage. Pamela Anderson has also appeared in a season of Bigg Boss in India.

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