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Various reactions were seen in the audience regarding the film Chhapak

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Actress Deepika Padukone’s film Chhapak released in various theaters across the country. Various reactions were received in the audience regarding the film. However, as expected about the film, the craze in the audience was less. 

The film was screened in cinemas like Silver City Multiplex, Cornival, Vikas Mall, Fun Cinema New Empire, PVR Pacific, Orient etc. In the Orient Cinema Hall, a free film was shown to the youth by Engage Young India NGO, but the majority of the seats of the theater were seen empty.

At the same time, the personnel working at the ticket counter of the cinema said that due to working day, the audience was less reached. The weekend is expected to increase viewership. At the same time, after coming out after watching the film, the audience told that he liked the character of Arpana Bhattam, along with Deepika, who is playing the main character in the film. Deepika Padukone plays Malti in the film. 

Viewers happy at the scene of convicting the guilty

As soon as the scene of throwing acid on Malati was shown in the film, there was a sudden silence in the hall and most of the audience appeared emotional. The audience was most pleased to see the scene of the conviction of the court.

Spoke audience

  • Shalu Rana (student) says that the role of lawyer Arpana Bhattam was very inspiring. If such a lawyer is found in the society, then the victim gets justice easily. His character killed the entire film.
  • Rajesh Yadav (student) says that the film is emotional. Had the struggle of the victim been shown more deeply, it would have been more fun to watch the film. The film overall was very good. 
  • Syed Robbie Hussain (student) says that the film had fewer romantic scenes, but kept the film tied till the end. The film is an example for those who love true love. The scenes from the victim’s struggle to justice are emotional. 
  • Rekha Dhingra (teacher) says that even today acid is being sold openly. In the last year 2019 also a girl was attacked with acid. It is sad that despite being innocent, the women have to face such punishment.
  • Aarti Sakalani (teacher) says that I would like to give three stars to the film. I got really emotional watching the film. Overall the spirit of the victim was encouraging. 
  • Anshul (student) says that such films should be watched by the youth, so that they also get to know the truth of the happenings in the society and reduce the mentality. 

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