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Salman’s mother made her Instagram debut at the age of 77, the number of followers crossed seven thousand

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Salman Khan is very close to the heart of his mother Salma Khan. They often share pictures and videos with Salma. Meanwhile, information related to Salman’s mother Salma Khan has come to know, which will surely make Salman’s fans happy. Salma Khan has debuted on Instagram. Salma’s Instagram debut is much talked about because she is 77 years old. 

Salma Khan is mostly photographed with her family. In such a situation, Salma’s entry into social media is a big thing in itself. Salma’s account is not yet verified. That is, there is no blue tick on it. The special thing is that after the entry of Salman’s mother on social media, the number of followers has increased to more than seven thousand in a few hours.

Salma Khan’s account is created on Instagram under the name salmakhan1942. Salman’s mother has also followed eight people on Instagram. The eight men are Arbaaz Khan’s girlfriends Georgia Andreani, Sohail Khan, Arbaaz Khan, Salman’s brother-in-law Ayush Sharma and Salman Khan himself. Most of these accounts are also verified by Instagram.

Salma KHan

Salma is the first wife of Salim Khan. The second wife’s name is Helen. Few people would know that Salma was named Sushila Charak before marriage. She changed her name to Salma after her marriage to Salim Khan. He has three sons Salman Khan, Arbaaz Khan and Sohail Khan and a daughter Alvira from Salim Khan’s first wife Salma.

Salma and Salim have another daughter named Arpita Khan Sharma. Arpita was adopted by Salim Khan. Apart from mother, Salman is very close to Arpita’s heart. Even Arpita gave birth to her daughter on Salman’s birthday. Named after the rectangle.

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