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Happy Hardy And Heer Movie Review: Himesh Reshammiya did not disappoint with acting, know how the film is

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Another film by singer Himesh Reshammiya has come out Happy Hardy and Heer. Now you have to take Himesh Reshammiya seriously too, because he too has started taking himself seriously as an actor and has proved that with Happy Hardy and Heer! Like a professional actor, he did not lose his piece and rhythm note and tone for 1 minute throughout the film. Many congratulations to this changed Himesh Reshammiya.

This is the story of Happy Singh (Himesh Reshammiya), who is in love with his best friend Heer (Sonia Mann) since childhood. But she considers him their friend and meanwhile both have to go to London and there Heer meets Hardy and both of them fall in love. Hardy (Himesh Reshammiya) is a successful singer and successful businessman, while another, Happy Singh, is a completely unsuccessful man but a lover of life! After all, whom will Heer choose Happy or Hardy? This is the story of Happy Hardy and Heer

The production value of the film is Grand. Director Raka depicts London so beautifully. Even after watching London in many films, you will get to see a different London in this film. Getting Himesh Reshammiya to do a double role, launching a new girl as a heroine and making a tight film was not an easy task, which Raka successfully played.

Talking about acting, Himesh Reshammiya keeps himself tied to his acting, both characters played their respective plus minus Himesh well. Sonia Mann makes a confident appearance. The film also has 8 songs and all of them chartbusters. Had it been any other actor, it would have been a little difficult to afford an eight-song film, but you don’t know when the songs came out. The songs are beautifully added to the story.

Overall, it would not be wrong to say that Happy Hardy and Heer is a musical family film that you can enjoy. You can try this film by keeping aside all the assumptions so far, you will not be disappointed. 

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